Pressure Fittings

You can use the fittings guide to learn more about them. The Beamex quick connect fittings are described here:

Bx G1/8"
The Bx G1/8" pressure fitting is designed by Beamex and is compatible with Beamex 40 bar hoses. It exists as default on the following internal pressure modules of MC2, MC4 and MC6-family calibrators: 100m, 400mC, 1C, 2C, 6C, 20C and the following external pressure modules EXT100m, EXT400mC, EXT1C, EXT2C, EXT6C and EXT20C.

Bx 1215 
The Bx 1215 female thread is common on all Beamex high pressure (630 bar / 9100 psi) hoses. Use an equivalent male pressure fitting to connect the hose to an EXT-module, pressure source or device under test.

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